Available fabric designs & colours

This page will show all the current fabric designs & plain fabric available if you need to choose a design for plain coloured bras & pants, headbands and youth crop tops, pants and boxers .

Monsters & rebel rose 


lucy in the sky & out of this world 


Skulls & Bitch juice 


flamingo & Moth


Leopard print & floral moon 


rainbow mermaid  & octopus 


Purple mermaid & pink mermaid 


Orange mermaid & orange scale / pink scale 



Next we have a  list of the plain colours available 

please be aware that lighting may show colours slightly different to what they are but they are as close as possible to the actual colour. Black is always available but I forgot to add it to the photos .

pink , yellow, lime green, bright blue 

Purple, wine, Petrol, green

white, pastel pink, mint, Lilac, navy