What style is the best style for you?

What style is the best style for you?

This is a little introduction to each and every style available here at radiant chaos.

Below I will showcase each style and size  available 

First up - PANTS 

sizes available - Radiant chaos pants come in standard UK dress sizes.

4-6, 8-10,  12-14, 16-18, 20-22, 24-26, 28-30 

** some customers require in between  sizes like 14-16 , if this is you please select a size then write me a little note in the comment box stating your dress size. 

The standard boy-short , brief & thong waistband sits on the hip. They have a standard 2.5” waistband 

The high waist boy-short , brief & thong waistband sits on or just below the belly button. ( depending on torso length ) and also has a standard 2.5’’ waistband 
Some customers prefer to have a wider waistband that is 4’’ tall, there will be an add on for this available if this is the style you prefer. Please be aware if you choose the high waisted style pant and then the 4’’ waistband they will sit roughly  2’’ above the belly ** the hw thong comes with this waistband.

Boy shorts -
The leg bands sit around the inner thigh covering the entire bum region 
  • highwaisted boyshorts - come up 1.5th higher than the boyshorts and depending on torso length they can sit slightly above, on or under belly button.
  • Briefs                                                                                                           The leg bands sit around the inner thigh & on the cheek

  •  High waisted briefs 

  • Thong                                                                                                           The thong has no leg bands & is fully lined so there are no annoying crotch seams. 


  • Highwaisted thong

The highwaisted thong comes with a 4’’ waistband so you will not have to add the add on for this.


 Bra styles available 

Each bra is fully lined and 1/4’’ elastic is added to the waistband for extra support. 

All radiant chaos bras are fully lined and are made with 95% cotton 5% elastin 

Bust & under-bust measurements are needed for choosing the correct radiant chaos size. I will attach the bra chart at the bottom of this blog.

  • Non of the radiant chaos bras are nursing bras but many customers have given feedback and have mentioned how they are perfect for feeding. Now with that being said I think it also comes down to the bust size. 
  • Some customers need shorter straps & i am always happy to adjust them if you need this free of charge but postage to and from me must be covered by the customer. 

Standard bra - Full coverage scooped neckline , can be made with crossover straps or straight straps. If you want crossover strap please select *standard in the drop down box


Twist bra - Made with a peep hole front and has the option to com with either standard crossover strap or straight straps . 

Spaghetti strap - comes with the standard full coverage scooped neck, the straps have the standard crossover but with 6 mini individual spaghetti straps. 


Spaghetti 2.0 - comes with the standard full coverage scooped neckline, the straps are 6 individual mini straps that are spread out over your back. This is my favourite style 

Comfort bra - This style is a completely different style to the rest, it has more coverage overall front and back. 


Sporty skinny strap bra - this pattern was drafted using the first standard bra design but I gave it a slightly more square neckline and skinnier straps this is also made with a skinnier waistband  ( may not be suitable but larger busts so please message me first if you are unsure) 


Racerback ( may not be suitable for large busts so if unsure please message me first ) 



Bra sizing 

All of the above bras are suitable up to 53’’ bust, the comfort bra may be more suitable for the larger cup sizes of J and above but to be honest with you all its all trial and error and I am always happy to work with you to try and get the ideal sizing if the first try wasn’t perfect. I want my customers to have happy boobs. 



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